Hoskins on Williamina (Minnie) Beattie (1893-1968)

Text derived from Beattie/Fowlie Family Tree: notes compiled by Jean Hoskins (1923-2003)* as completed to 1989, entry “B.1.k.”–Minnie and Alex were Jean Hoskins parents

Aunt Minnie to both Grace and Melville–perhaps at time of 50th wedding anniversary??

Williamina Balfour Mackie (Minnie) [Beattie] was born June 22, 1893 in Rothienorman, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Minnie (as she was always known) and Alexander Fowlie met, courted and were married at Gap View, SK and lived in a house at “The Hill” near Stoughton. Their three eldest children were born in this house built by Alex and his brother, Fred, for Alex’ new bride. (Alex’s brother Fred lived with them most of their married life. As a matter of fact, Minnie and Alex lived alone for the first time after they had been married for 50 years.) Later they moved to a rented farm at Stoughton where their next two children

Uncle Alex to both Grace and Melville–perhaps at time of 50th wedding anniversary??

were born. In 1926 they moved to a farm just out of Heward where they lived for six years before moving to Osage. It was there that their son Rob was fatally injured in a farm accident while Alex was away looking for a new place to live where something would grow and not be eaten by grasshoppers. (Some days the grasshoppers blocked out the sun and the sand drifted so badly that it completely covered the fences which had been banked by tumbleweed and Russian thistles).

In spite of her extremely bad eyesight and migraine headaches, Minnie managed to do the milking and look after the chickens and garden, but she also sewed and cooked delicious meals for her family and a constant stream of visitors and boarders, as well as her parents. Minnie always kept active in her church and was a Life Member of the WMS of the Presbyterian Church and a Life Member of the United Church Women. Alex worked hard until he was 80, farming (starting at the age of 10), carpentry, and stock keeping before retiring. His wit and wisdom (plus the many choice words) were a joy to all who knew him. A dear mother and father who never spoke a cross word to each other, Minnie and Alex were known as Mum and Pop to a great many people, although their children called them Mum and Dad. They also lived at Broadview and Regina.

Beattie siblings L to R: Williamina (Minnie) Fowlie, David Beattie, Jessie Gray Watson [mother to Melville]
[Editor’s Note: Minnie married Alexander November 1, 1911. Alexander FOWLIE was born December 21, 1880 in Gowanhill, Aberdeenshire and died September 7, 1964, in Regina, SK. Minnie died on July 28, 1968 in Regina, SK]

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