TODAY IN HISTORY: Mel and Anita’s wedding

10-oct-1975-wedding-of-melville-watson-and-anita-hughes-new-westminster-bcSorry we missed the actual date!!

Melville Watson and Anita Maria Hughes were married on October 10, 1975. Mel’s son Ron conducted the ceremony and the whole family was there in Vancouver for the event.

After Grace died on October 1, 1974, Mel made “A Sentimental Journey” to visit each of his kids and their families, a trip that encompassed Christmas that year. While he was visiting Ruth and Keith in Surrey on that trip, Keith proposed a business start-up to Mel, a specialized courier service between dealerships and banks or whatever with Mel as the Courier. Mel agreed to move to the coast from Regina to make this happen and he and Keith started up Crow Fly Services.

Crow Fly didn’t last long but the discussions and the move brought Mel into contact with Anita Hughes, mother to Eva, Ruth’s friend across the street in Surrey, a consequence that did have sticking power. Mel started to “date” Anita. In fact, if I remember correctly, they had a total of 3 “dates” before Mel asked Anita to marry him, while in the same breath clarifying for her that she must understand that when he died, he would be buried in Regina beside Grace (what a romantic overture, eh??!!). Anyway, they were both rather nuts because she said yes and off they went.

Well, there was a matter of a divorce Anita had to achieve first, but all was accomplished in time for their wedding on October 10th.

Mel and Anita had their ups and downs, like anyone would, but they did have fun together, they made a trip to Scotland together and they shared in important family events together.

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