A Video Gift from Ron: PART ONE

Sorry for an error on the last slide in this video–fixed in next ones.



2 thoughts on “A Video Gift from Ron: PART ONE

  1. Thanks, Linda! I can’t tell you how meaningful it is to me to have this presentation made. I can only imagine the headaches you have gone through to create it, but it helps to fulfill my original dream in generating this presentation (now in four parts), that it might be a kind of “living reminder” of what I think is a deeply moving story. Of course, I am horribly biased in my opinions of that story, but I am so moved to see (and hear!) what you have done. God bless you. And welcome, all ye who enter here!


    1. Thanks to you, Ron! You obviously put in a lot of time and energy to create the original presentation. I’m just happy I could finally figure out how to put it in video form so people can see the results of YOUR labour. Love ya!


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