TODAY IN HISTORY: The death of Grace Watson

Vivian, Bruce, Grace, Linda and Mark in the Spring of 1974

Elizabeth Grace Victoria Fowlie Watson died on Tuesday, October 1, 1974.

She was so ill at the New Year that we hadn’t really expected her to last as long as she did. But she was determined to attend Vivian’s wedding in July and hoped to see Linda’s first child in August. Both of these accomplished, in September she was admitted to hospital for the last time.

Melville and Grace leaving the church after Vivian’s wedding to Mark Haskins in July

Vivian and Mark visited every weekend: arriving Sunday and leaving to head home to Limerick, SK on the Monday.  Vivian recalls leaving Mom’s hospital room on September 30th: “It was as we were leaving, and standing in the hospital hallway, that I called back to Mom, once more, to say goodbye. She said goodbye and then these words, “See you next weekend!”, which, as you can imagine, made me cry, because I knew she would not be seeing me, then!

Dad was there every day. In fact, Dad was with her very late on the 30th, maybe into the wee hours of the 1st. My recollection of his recounting of events was that he said she was aware of his presence that evening and spoke to him. When he did leave the hospital, she was still living but he’d only been home a short time when the hospital called to say she was gone.

Grace with 3-week old Jamie in August

Her funeral was held on Friday, October 4th and she was buried in the Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery at 815 Assiniboine Avenue East in Regina.

The funeral chapel was so full for her funeral that it was “standing room only” and many stood quietly out in the outer hallway. Neighbours were there, members of both Cameron Memorial Baptist and First Baptist Churches, teachers from Scott Collegiate (the family High School), our family piano teacher, and a great representation of her brothers and sisters and their spouses. The Reverend John Lekx officiated. The reception was held at First Baptist Church.

She was a remarkable woman of faith, wisdom, intelligence and compassion. She was so empathetic that there were people who felt she understood them without them saying a word. Some of these qualities and sensitivities were no doubt gained through her own great trials, of which there were a few. Her favourite hymn, which we ended up singing at some point at every single Family Reunion, was Amazing Grace.

She died much too soon and has been missed ever since.

Linda's Siggy


3 thoughts on “TODAY IN HISTORY: The death of Grace Watson

  1. My Grandma was so beautiful!! I remember saying goodbye to her and have never forgotten her words to me.. So dearly missed so dearly loved.


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