Mel & Anita
Foto Facts:  Mel and Anita Watson, October 10, 1992 in Portland, Oregon

We won’t see a lot of Nana — Anita — here, on the website, simply because she didn’t contribute to the DNA of the Watson clan. Yet she was a huge part of my generation and the older members of the next generation.

These pictures are from my first wedding, held on Grandpa and Nana’s 17th anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary we had a cake just for them to cut during the reception. While my marriage crashed and burned, my divorce finalized a mere 14 months after these pictures were taken, they are a few of the pictures from that day I retained.

Mel & Anita Cutting the Cake


These pictures remind me that love remains.


That second chances happen.


That we must grasp both.


I remember the shock, maybe even anger, that Grandpa remarried so quickly following Grandma’s passing. Folks closer to the situation likely felt this more keenly than we did in the States. The summer of 1974 we received the devastating news Grandma was succumbing to her cancer. It was the first time I ever saw Dad cry. We didn’t have the money for two trips to Canada from California. My family made the excruciating decision to travel to Canada while Grandma was still alive. A bittersweet visit. (And perhaps, a tale for another day.)

Someone else will have to tell the story of how Mel and Anita met, and their whirlwind romance.

For me, the simple fact they found each other is enough.

She kept him young. She teased him. With her, Grandpa got to Scotland.

~ Contributed by Sherri Meyer

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