The First Family Reunion

Dad (Melville), Linda, Vivian, and Mom (Grace)

Some may remember the wonderful Family Reunion at Shell Lake in 1982 as the FIRST Watson Reunion, but there was one before it: namely, one in Regina in 1967.

Marg, Ron, Cameron, Danny, and David

1967 was Canada’s Centennial Year, and Canadians were encouraged to hold reunions and other events to encourage folk to gather to celebrate the nation’s birthday.  At the time that the “Call” went out to invite family home to Regina for a weekend or so, Ron and Marg were living in Dryden, Ontario; Doug and Marilyn in Berkeley, California; Dorothy and Stewart in Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Ruth and Keith in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Doug, Sherri, and Marilyn

Everyone made it home.

Dorothy, Stewart, Mark, Scott, and Lora

Mom and Dad were pretty much bursting with pride and joy to have all their kids and all their grandkids around them. The Big Event was a picnic in a park where the pictures that are part of this post were taken.

Michelle, Keith, Dean, and Ruth

Look how DARLING all the little people (now all middle-aged!!!) are looking!



Linda's Siggy


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