Loving the Ginger

Mark-Melissa 2006 Reunion
Mark Hunter and wife, Melissa Olin, at the 2006 Reunion

Mark Hunter was the only true ginger of my generation…just look at those fiery looks!

During the 2006 Reunion, Mark noted there had been some research to indicate the recessive red hair gene was dying out due to interracial marriages and such. (Of course, that info has since been debunked.) While only 2% of the world’s population has red hair since both parents have to have the gene to pass it on to a child, an estimated 40% have the recessive gene. Scotland boasts the highest percentage of natural redheads at 13% while Ireland comes in second with 10% according to one article from 2015.

Meyer Boys 2007
The Meyer Boys: Charles, Robbie, Alex, and Ian June 2007

I quipped that I’d done my part by producing not one…not two…but three gingers. Heck, even the oldest started out strawberry blond thus it could be argued he has a “strong” recessive gene.

Through extensive research, thank you Aunt Linda, we also know the ginger made an appearance in:

Alexander Ronald (b. 1808 Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire d. Wandworth, London, England)

George Patterson Ronald Taylor Fowlie (b. 1887 Strichen, Aberdeenshire d. 1956 Vancouver, BC)

George Ronald Fowlie (b. 1911 Moose Jaw, SK d. 1995 Whitewood, SK)

Can you add a ginger to the list?

Ginger Fun Facts:

    • Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination — a trait both Mark and Ian share — making them the rarest minority in the world, with only 1% having both.
    • The lucky ducks don’t go gray. However, they also have the hardest time coloring their hair. (But why would they want to?)
    • Gingers require more anesthesia, some say by approximately 20%. Having boys, with visits to the ER for various “boys will be boys” moments, I can attest to this! There’s even been research that shows redheads are more sensitive to hot and cold pain, with their bodies able to change temperature much quicker.
    • “A tradition in Poland states that if you pass three redheads in a row, you will win the state lottery. Redhead luck to everyone!” Damn. I guess I need to move to Poland, with three gingers in my house that I pass on a daily basis…I’d be rich!

Sherri Siggy


3 thoughts on “Loving the Ginger

  1. Love it Sherri…years ago when we would take our boys to the park, their white blond hair would be the star attraction for tourists from China. They would touch their hair and take photos. Somewhere overseas our boys are in photo albums. Too funny! Thank you for this article on Gingers. Many tips I did not know…hugs Mick.


  2. HA! I get that still with the boys…”Oh, look at all that lovely red hair!” I’m sure there are photos of them floating around people’s albums too.


  3. I love this, Sherri. Your boys are so cute in the pic you chose. And I love to see reminders of Mark. I would just add a note that the two George Fowlie “gingers” above were in my Mom’s family: namely, her father and her brother. I remember when Mark was born, his Dad made jokes about the red hair, wondering if it had come from the milkman or something. But no, he came by it naturally and wore it wonderfully.


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