THEIR WORDS: Grace Fowlie at 15

about 1924 E. Grace Fowlie, age 15 Pathfinders ArticleThe text is very small in this clipping from 1914 or so, so I have transcribed it here for any with regressive lenses!


Dear Pathfinders: — In this letter I will tell about an adventure I had about four years ago.

One afternoon after school I went to my chum’s to spend the evening. They lived about a mile from our place. I stayed until 8 o’clock. Although it was in the summer time, it was quite dark by this time. I was then very much afraid of coyotes and I knew that some coyotes had a den about half a mile from the road. I was rather afraid to start out, but finally I summed up enough courage. My chum’s dog followed me half way and I did not feel so frightened. Then the dog went home. By this time I was beginning to be really frightened, and to make things worse heard the long-drawn-out howl of a coyote. I started to run as fast as I could go. When I was about a quarter mile from home I saw three black objects coming over a hill toward me.  When I saw them I imagined they were coyotes, and I was too frightened to yell or move. As they came closer I discovered that the three objects were my two brothers and one of my sisters who had come to meet me. For the rest of the way home I wasn’t so frightened, but everything I saw I imagined was a coyote. How thankful I was when we got home! But I never liked to go out after dark for a long time.

How many Pathfinders are interested in cross word puzzles? I am. Hoping to gain correspondents — E. Grace Fowlie (15), Stoughton, Sask.

Note. — Sixteen is the age limit, Grace. After you are 17 you can no longer be a member. — Editor

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