Aunt Gina’s Bible

CLOSE UP Georgina Gill - undatedMelville Watson’s sister Georgina Beattie Forsyth (Watson) Rosborough Gill (what a mouthful!!) was part of all our lives as the Six Watson Siblings. I believe most of our kids met her, although probably not the next generation(s).

Born in 1903, she survived the deaths of her parents, her brother and sister, 2 husbands and 4 kids but somehow retained a love of life, and certainly a love for her brother’s kids (among many others). She looks rather sober in the close up here but she had a wonderful laugh and was a happy person, I believe.

She and her daughter were very close and Edna-Mae (Rosborough) Gibson was with her when she died in 1996. Edna-Mae reported that when Georgina was told in hospital that she had developed pneumonia, she was glad to hear it.  Apparently she called it “The Old Person’s Friend”. Edna-Mae also reported that just before her last breath, Georgina opened her eyes, smiled at whatever she was seeing, and said, “Oh, beautiful!”

Front page of Family Register in Georgina (Watson) Rosborough GIll's BibleThere are many pictures of Aunt Gina and many, many stories to be told. I can attest to the amazing Angel Food cakes she would make from scratch (yes, a dozen eggs!), with a wonderful orange glaze. M-m-m-m.

Aunt Gina was active in her church as long as she could be and was a woman of faith. The link here will take you to the family pages of her Bible with entries in her own hand–worth a read.

Click on the image of the front page of the Family Register to view the other pages.

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3 thoughts on “Aunt Gina’s Bible

  1. Hi Aunt Linda, Is the sober black and white picture at the end of the family registrar Aunt Gina as well? Also I see she had mom’s birthday written down wrong (as the 29th instead of the 19th). My mom had a real fondness for Gina and Edna-Mae.


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    1. Actually, we don’t know who the woman in that picture is. The pic was attached to this file when it came to me as a PDF so I just left it in, but none of us has a clue. Maybe we should start a contest: “Name This Woman!” The winner would get an all-expense-paid trip to . . . ???


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