All Because Two People Fell In Love — Or Is It?

During our 2006 Reunion, someone made the comment, “All of this because two people fell in love,” or something to that effect.

Seriously, we went from this . . .

1934-36 Melville and Grace SASK
Mel and Grace circa 1930s

to this . . .

2006 Reunion The Clan SHEKINAH
2006 Reunion

and that is pretty darn awesome!

I recently read Your Family: Past, Present, and Future and the math is staggering! When you look at his graphs, Aunt Linda’s Who the Heck? post makes a whole lot more sense. He even states, “absorb this fact: according to Rutgers anthropology professor Robin Fox, 80% of all marriages in history have been between second cousins or closer.”

Yet, that two people falling in love and gettin’ busy takes on a whole new level when you think about ALL the other couples in your past who helped make you who you are. That if just ONE couple failed to hook up, all those people in 2006 wouldn’t be there.


Mind blown.

Sherri Siggy


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