First blog post

Hi, all. This is Linda Watson entering the first post on this blog. I have been mucking about in genealogical “stuff” for a couple of months now and found some fascinating information, even solved a few family mysteries!! I’ve had help getting started from Ron Watson and Vivian Haskins but especially from Sherri Meyer.

We’ve put most of our efforts until now into generating a multi-generational Family Tree: hope you will all follow the link we will send you via email and play around in it. It will keep growing (especially if you help us fill in gaps, correct errors and correct misspelled names!).

The WATSON tree is on an interactive website called and should keep you interested for a while. In addition, we intend to add many things to this actual website with time–charts, reports, stories, photos . . . even audio and video files. If you subscribe by clicking FOLLOW and providing your email address, you will get a notice in your Inbox any time someone posts something new. Enjoy!

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